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Life with Training Wheels

Basic Chart Analysis - $120

Basic Chart Analysis - $120

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Virtual or In-Person

All Astrology offerings I will need your birthdate, city of birth and time of birth.  I will need this information in advance of our appointment time if doing in person.  If online delivery is preferred, then I will deliver it as soon as I get a chance to look into your chart on either a Tuesday or Friday.

The basic chart analysis will involve a brief overview of your rising sign, your sun sign, and your moon sign.  It will also go into anything that sticks out within your chart – an imbalance in energies of air, water, fire or earth; of cardinal, mutable, fixed energies; if there are any chart patterns within the aspects between all of the planets – anything that might be of particular interest that I notice within your chart.  It will not cover all houses or all planets – just what stands out within your particular chart in addition to your rising, sun and moon signs.


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