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Astrology Planetary Deep Dive - $55

Astrology Planetary Deep Dive - $55

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Virtual or In-Person

All Astrology offerings I will need your birthdate, city of birth and time of birth.  I will need this information in advance of our appointment time if doing in person.  If online delivery is preferred, then I will deliver it as soon as I get a chance to look into your chart on either a Tuesday or Friday.

Planetary Deep Dive - $55

Want to know where a planet or asteroid is placed in your natal astrology chart and what that means for you? I will calculate your birth chart and dive deep into a planet or asteroid of your choice, figure out what sign and house it is in, if it’s interacting with other planets in your chart and how that might manifest in your life.  I’ll also look to see if there are any current transits affecting that particular planet for you.

Sun – will, vitality, where you shine, ego, yang energy

Moon – feelings, how you react, where you retreat to when you want to feel safe, yin energy

Mercury – thinking, how you listen and learn and communicate

Venus – values, possessions, the relating process, what you want and how you attract it

Jupiter – abundance, expansion, growth

Saturn – fear, restriction, discipline, structure, reality

Uranus – freedom, sudden change, upheaval, unusual and eccentric

Neptune – fantasy, imagination, creativity, escape, confusion, addictions,

Pluto – transformation, power, change, regeneration

Chiron – wounded healer

North Node/South Node - purpose 

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