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Life with Training Wheels

Astrological House Deep Dive - $33-55

Astrological House Deep Dive - $33-55

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Virtual or In-Person

All Astrology offerings I will need your birthdate, city of birth and time of birth.  I will need this information in advance of our appointment time if doing in person.  If online delivery is preferred, then I will deliver it as soon as I get a chance to look into your chart on either a Tuesday or Friday.

Each astrological house governs an area of our life.  The first 6 houses deal mostly with our internal landscape and world and the next 6 houses deal mostly with how we interact with the world.  If you want to know about a particular house, I will look to see what sign is there (how you approach that area of life) and if there are any planets in that house that will place more emphasis on that area of life.  I will also look to see if there are any current transits affecting that particular house or aspect of your life.

1st House – I AM – Appearance, Outward Personality

2nd House – I HAVE – Money, Values, Possessions, Skills

3rd House – I THINK - Communication, short distance travel, siblings, how we learn

4th house – I NURTURE – Home, Parents, Roots, Inner Security

5th  house – I SERVE – Romance, Pleasure, Creativity, Children

6th House – I SERVE – Work, Health, Service, Self-Improvement, Daily Routine

7th House – I PARTNER – Marriage and other partnerships

8th House – I CIRCULATE – Sex, Death, Letting Go, Regeneration, Other People’s Money, Sharing

9th House – I EXPLORE – Philosophy, Higher Learning, Publishing, Religion, Travel, Law

10th House – I ACHIEVE – Occupation, Status, Reputation, Purpose, Power

11th House – I ASPIRE - Friends, Groups, Goals, Aspirations

12th House – I DREAM – Solitude, Institutions, Transcendence, Self-Sabotage


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