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Life with Training Wheels

$33 – 3 Card Drawing/3 Questions (About 30 minutes)

$33 – 3 Card Drawing/3 Questions (About 30 minutes)

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Virtual or In-Person

Examples of questions to ask:

*Where am I now?  Where I want to go?  How to get there?

*What have I experienced in the past?  What am I experiencing in the present? What does the future hold?

*What is a desire I have?  What is the obstacle?  What is a solution?

*Red light (stop)?  Yellow light (maybe)? Green light (yes?)

*What do I need to accept?  What do I need to let go?  What do I need to embrace?

*What has been weighing on you?  How to face it?  First step to get back in action?

*What is your current frequency (the energy you’re emitting?) What you’re currently attracting with your energy?  How can you attract more positivity and abundance?

*Where am I not putting enough energy?  Where am I putting too much energy?  How do I create balance?

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