About us!

The Woodbury Collective started in Black Hawk, Colorado as a dream to bring wellness services and beautiful handmade goods to the small mountain area. We were lucky enough to have the opportunity to work with the City of Black Hawk in one of their incentive locations with in the newly constructed Gregory Plaza. We were owned by two local women entrepreneurs, Lindsay and Sadie.
Sadie also owns The Spice and Tea shop in Idaho Springs and is the clinical herbalist. Lindsay is an extremely talented potter and has wonderful relationships with my other artisan vendors. We had two beautiful years at the Gregory Plaza, and it became clear that the dream was no longer in alignment and that some major changes were needed to evolve and change the dream. 
Sadie was offered the clinical herbalist spot at Clear Creek Wellness in Idaho Springs and it became clear it was time to move the Apothecary to Idaho Springs and rebrand The Woodbury. 
Lindsay made the decision to focus full-time on her wholesale pottery business. 
Now The Woodbury Apothecary is up and running at Clear Creek Wellness in Idaho Springs, Colorado. Here we have a collection of holistic practitioners to support you in your wellness goals as well as a full service apothecary. 
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